About Me

I’ve always lived with a dream or two bubbling away in my head.  Whether it was tap dancing to the golden ‘Oldies’, or dashing through a forest, pursued by felons, my imagination has always sent me soaring to a world where almost anything could happen.  Only it would have been very lonely, if I’d been there all by myself.   So I created a hero, someone to share my adventures with, to make my soul sing and my heart miss more than a beat or two.

And so my love of romance was born.

Suddenly it was music and movement with a tall, dark stranger; a chase through Georgian England with a George Clooney lookalike at my side.  It was fun.  It was exciting.  It was addictive.

Of course, along the way, things have changed.  I’m no longer the star but the author, as my characters demanded their own space; to live in today’s world and tell the story their way.  Of course, there will still be problems.  After all, tap dancing isn’t as easy as it looks.  Nor is falling in love.  I hope, though, that with a little humour, a little understanding, and a lot of love, my characters will overcome any obstacle which I can throw at them, and find their happy ever after!

Apart from writing, my career has spanned from the vocational (nursing) to the commercial (running a specialist translation company).

I enjoy : *Family, friends and conversation * Walks by the sea, feeling the spray against my face, and the wind as it brushes away those cobwebs of city life * Scottish Colourists * Georgian drinking glasses * Reading (if only I had more time!) * Watching films, preferably romance but definitely not horror (too much of a coward) * Travelling (the list is still too long!) * Music (from classical to rock) * Property renovation (why does it always cost more than we budget?) * Oh, and tap dancing.  Well, some dreams do come true, although any thoughts of sharing the floor with the modern equivalent of Fred Astaire are sadly a little premature.  I still have to graduate from Beginners!

Thank you for sharing my world.  It started in London, moved to Hertfordshire and is now firmly ensconced in Bedfordshire.  Who knows where it will take me and my family next?

Elly Redding